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Lock Up Your Logs

HOMEOWNERS have been

warned to lock up their logs after

the price of firewood rose to £200

per tonne.
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G W Price and Son started growing and breeding bantams many years age, over these years we have found many breeds that we have come to know and love. The breeds shown below are a selection of our personal favourites, however the list below isn’t an exhaustive list of birds that we can supply.


As a service G W Price and Son are happy to raise chicks to order, with our hens laying regularly and ability to source hatching eggs from other poultry suppliers we can source hatching eggs for direct supply to yourself or if the process of incubation is to daunting and a step to far why not get us to bring the eggs on and hatch them on your behalf. These eggs can then be collected as week old chicks or as young birds at a time to suit you.

If your looking for the complete starter package why not check out our poultry products, we can supply these together with everything to get you started from birds to feed




 Bantams  Cost Per Egg Cost Per Week Old Chick Cost Per PoL Pullet Cost Per Breeding Trio


Lemon Millefleur Sablepoot, Booted Bantam

£3.00 £8.00 £40.00 £50.00

Miniature White Silkie Bantams

 £3.00  £8.00 £40.00  £50.00 

Blue Laced Wyandotte

 £3.00  £8.00  £40.00  £50.00

Silver Laced Wyandotte

 £3.00  £8.00  £40.00  £50.00

Gold Laced Orpington

 £3.00  £8.00  £40.00  £50.00


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